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Emphasizing on prevention

We strongly encourage our patients to establish and maintain a regular preventive care program. Each patient is set up with an individualized maintenance program with their hygienist. These appointments are designed to diagnose early dental problems and prevent them from becoming larger or more involved. Regular Preventive care is the key to maintaining optimal dental health.

Protecting your health 

In our professional office, your health and safety is our primary concern. All doctors and support staff use state-of-the-art sterilization techniques and follow up-to-date recommendations of American Dental Association and Center for Disease Control. Everything placed in our patients’ mouth is either disposable or sterilized. We encourage you to ask questions about our sterilization methods so that we may ease any concerns you may have. ​

We aim to make you feel like a valued member of our dental family. Each dentist in Dr. Levitt’s practice takes the time to listen and address your dental concerns fully. With carefully thought-out individualized treatment plans, we can accomplish results that provide you with a lifetime of healthy, confident smiling.


Each dentist in our Newton, MA office looks forward to helping you become successful in your own oral health and beauty goals. If you are looking for outstanding general and cosmetic dentistry in Newton, MA or the surrounding areas, contact Newton Centre Dental to schedule your consultation today.

About Us

Keeping smiles healthy and bright has never been easier, thanks to modern dentistry. Our Newton, MA dentists and team are trained in the latest dental advancements, including the safest, most effect techniques and cutting-edge equipment. We implement technologies such as digital x-rays, intra oral cameras, ultrasonic scaler, and soft-tissue laser. By utilizing the best tools in dentistry, you can count on the most accurate diagnosis and treatments that are more comfortable and less invasive.