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Crowns and Bridges

​A dental crown by our dentists can be used to restore strength, function, and esthetics to a tooth that has severe decay, or is chipped or cracked to an extent it is at risk for breaking. It may also be used as a “false tooth” when attached to a dental implant or bridge. Many different types of dental crowns are available, designed using combinations of metal or porcelain.

A dental bridge is used in conjunction with a crown to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is composed of a series of dental crowns, suspended across the space left behind by the missing tooth or teeth and is firmly bonded to the remaining adjacent teeth. We work closely with a quality dental lab to create bridges and crowns that are designed of the best materials and are artistically customized to match the likeness of your remaining teeth for the most natural look possible.

The health and beauty of your smile can be restored in just a couple of short visits. For high-quality bridges and crowns in Newton, MA, visit Newton Centre Dental. Contact our office to schedule your comprehensive consultation today.