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Metal-Free Fillings

We gladly offer metal-free fillings to our patients who are looking for a safe, natural looking alternative to traditional silver metal amalgam. Composed of tooth-colored composite materials, metal-free fillings blend naturally with the appearance of your remaining tooth structure. Strong bonding properties make them a long-lasting solution that adds strength and longevity to the tooth while locking out decay-causing bacteria.

Metal-free fillings are a more conservative restoration that requires minimal removal of healthy tooth structure. The bonding material is bonded directly to the tooth, making the tooth stronger and preventing unnecessary damage to the tooth.

It is always our goal to provide you with the safest, most minimally-invasive treatment options for your oral health. Metal-free fillings at Newton Centre Dental are a restorative dental solution that allows us to help you protect the long-lasting health and appearance of your smile. If your fillings are old, broken down, leaking or cracked please call to schedule your appointment with one of our dentists today.