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Root Canal Therapy

When bacteria or even trauma causes the pulp of your tooth to become infected, necrotic or abscessed, the only way to protect it may be through a treatment known as root canal therapy. Our dental group for the Newton, MA area provides root canal therapy designed to protect the longevity of your tooth through comfortable, effective dentistry.

When the pulp of your tooth becomes infected, it’s not only painful, but can put your tooth at risk of having to be removed or extracted. Root canal therapy is meant to free you of the pain and discomfort caused by infection and restores the health of your tooth in the surrounding bone. Although root canal therapy is often rumored to be painful, advanced dental technologies and comforts have made this treatment more precise and pain-free than ever before.

The goal of our Newton, MA dental group is to preserve the teeth you were born with by all means possible. Root canal therapy allows you to regain the health and vitality of an infected tooth with the hope that it will last you a lifetime. If you are worried you may be in need of root canal therapy, schedule your assessment with Newton Centre Dental today.